Trik Main Monkey Thunderbolt RM 500

This time the trick we will explain is how to have a RM 500 pin for the Monkey Thunderbolt game . The possibility of players very rarely hitting the RM 500 pin, but if you follow this step, the possibility of hitting the pin is high.

As usual, the capital required is RM 100. The bet value is RM 3 for three pins. The pin you will target is a pin worth RM 500, RM 175 or a pin of RM 125 or a pin of RM 100. In the bet, the RM 500 pin should not be left out. While the pin bet for the value of RM 100, RM 125 or RM 175 you have to make alternating with those values. It must be remembered that the bet on this which is worth RM 500 should never be left.

Repeat the value of the bet until it hits the RM 500 pin Usually, if you have never hit the RM 500 pin, but this time you bet the RM 500 pin with a capital of RM 100. The probability of hitting the RM500 pin is high.

Trik Main Monkey Thunderbolt RM 500
Admin does not talk nonsense or give nonsensical tips. These tips and tricks are usually played by the admin first before being written on this blog. As far as this trick is written, the admin has been hit with a pin worth RM 500 17 times. This doesn’t mean admins have to days, usually once a week since admins play this Thunderbolt Monkey.

For the admin, if the admin has to put in RM 500, the admin already has the capital to win big again. But the admin did not continue to play Monkey Thunderbolt. Admin will move to the Dragon Tigers game with a one -shot capital of RM 500. want to know how to play Dragon Tigers, Read more about online casinos at website – Dragon Tigers.