Tips for Winning Playing Slots Sweet Bonanza Deposit 10K

If you are a fan of online slot games , then you definitely know the Sweet Bonanza Slot game. This game is the result of a pragmatic play that has had fans from all over the world. For those of you who want to play this game, there are tips to win playing the Sweet Bonanza slot that you can follow. As long as you follow these tips, your chances of winning will be huge.

The Sweet Bonanza slot game itself has a colorful and fun theme. The symbols used in this game are fruits and candies. Every parallel symbol be it fruit or candy will give you a bonus. So, no need to worry you will never win in this one game. In this game, the candy symbol is the biggest bonus.

Sweet Bonanza slot is a slot game that has a 6 x 5 grid. The large number of grids gives the opportunity to get a combination of 8 to 12. The basis of this game itself is that you only need to pay attention to how many combinations you get in one spin. If you can get a total of 12 combinations, obviously you will get more bonuses.

This slot game will also provide free spins obtained from certain combinations. You just need to pay attention to the combination you get. You can also buy the number of spins you want. From the free spins you get, there is a chance to get big wins. In addition, this Sweet Bonanza Slot also provides wins for several symbols.

There are 12 combinations with different total wins. The following is the number of bonus symbols that can be obtained:

red heart 50x
25x purple box
Green Triangle Candy 15x
12x blue rectangle candy
call 10x
Plum 8x
watermelon 5x
Wine 4x
banana 2x
There is one symbol that will give a bonus of up to 100x, namely a lollipop or commonly called a scatter.

Bonuses in Existing Sweet Bonanza Slots
From the description of the gameplay above, of course you will be curious about what bonuses you can get from this Sweet Bonanza. There are several bonuses that are specifically given by this one game for its players.

The first bonus is the Scatter, where you already know that this scatter is the symbol that can provide the most bonuses. This scatter can be on any grid and will give a bonus if the combination is 4, 5 or 6. Each bonus that will be given is 3x, 5x and also 100x. So to get a 100x bonus from this symbol, you have to set 6 scatters.

The next bonus is the Ante bet, which will give you free spins if you buy a certain number of spins. For example, when you buy 100 spins, there will be free spins that you will get if you are lucky.

Not only that, the Sweet Bonanza Slot is a Tumble Feature. For this one bonus, it will give you the opportunity to get a new symbol when you win. So that the symbols that have been lost will be replaced with new ones, until no more symbols can be combined. This one feature is quite interesting because you will get bonuses continuously.

Gratis Spin Sweet Bonanza
The free spins also include a very attractive bonus in this sweet bonanza slot game. You get free spins when you spin and get 4 scatter symbols. From these 4 scatters, the free spins bonus you get is 10 times. You can also get 5 more free spins when you get 3 more scatter symbols.

The last bonus that is the reason why this game is so popular is the Free Spin Multiplier Symbol. In this bonus a bomb will appear that comes out when the free spins run. Later this bomb will explode and give prizes ranging from 2x to 100x for the multiplier symbol you get.

From the explanation about Sweet Bonanza, you can already get an idea of ​​how to play this game.

If you already understand about this game, then let’s discuss tips on how to win playing the Sweet Bonanza slot. What are the tips? Here’s the review:

Prepare sufficient deposit
Make sure the win at Sweet Bonanza Slot is from a sufficient deposit amount. You will use this deposit to make bets. Each bet will be multiplied by the symbol you get. The minimum bet or stake in this game is $2. Any winnings you earn will be automatically credited to your deposit.

The more deposits you prepare, the more chances of winning multiple times. Just imagine, if you only have $10 and a minimum bet of $2, the number of wins from 5 spins doesn’t necessarily cover the initial capital. As much as possible provide a sufficient deposit to open a higher chance of winning.

Buy Features
In the Sweet Bonanza slot there is a button with the name Buy Features. When you choose to purchase this feature, you will get a free spins bonus and a free spin multiplier spin. The number of free spins you will get is 10 times and the spins will run automatically. Not only that, in this free spin there is a bomb that doubles the victory you will get.

This Buy feature alone is worth $200, where the total bonus you can get can reach 100x. However, there are things you need to pay attention to when buying this feature, you must first get a win of more than $200. So if you experience a loss, it will not have too big an impact.

Raise the Bet
So that you can get a lot of wins, it is better to increase the bet amount. As we discussed earlier, the minimum bet of the Sweet Bonanza Slot is $2. You can collect up to $2.5.

There is also a good time to increase the bet is when you have got 50x the win. By increasing the bet, obviously the results you will get are also getting bigger. As long as you yourself have done the analysis and mastered this game.

Enable Auto Spin
The next way to get big profits is to activate auto play. Why is autoplay so important? because this game has a very large algorithm when the spin button is clicked many times in a fast time. When the system knows this, then the chances of winning will increase even higher.

Of course you don’t need to worry, because you can stop auto play whenever you want. You only need to pay attention to the number of wins and the results you are targeting. When you have enough, you can stop whenever you want. Auto play itself will also make it easier for you to play, where you just have to wait until you get the victory on target.

Don’t Stop While The Game Is In Progress
The fatal mistake that novice players usually make is exiting during the game. Meanwhile, when it stops at the wrong time, there will be a turn over system that automatically activates. This turn over system will cause other players to enter the ongoing game, which will allow you to incur losses.

This of course will be detrimental, especially if you have not gotten a big profit. We highly recommend that if you want to stop playing, it’s better to win first. Unless the deposit you have runs out, then it doesn’t matter if you exit this game. But, if you can still play, it’s better not to just leave the game.

Enable Quick Spin
It’s not only autoplay that you need to enable, but fast spin as well. This one feature is for betting automatically. For example, if you bet $2, the quick spin will set the same bet number over and over again. This method itself is highly recommended, so you don’t have to bother entering the number of bets you want.

Fast spins also provide an opportunity for you to win multiple times. Make sure you have analyzed this quick spin system first. Don’t let you miscalculate the bet amount. Because if the calculation is wrong, the possibility of loss will be greater.

Don’t be greedy
The next tip so that your wins at Sweet Bonanza Slots don’t drop drastically is to set yourself limits or don’t be greedy. Stop when you have won big or have won many times. Don’t let the deposit you already have run out in one game.

Arrange as best you can and calculate well how long you have to play. Not only that, also calculate the total loss you should target and the total profit you want to get. By keeping the mindset of not being greedy, you will naturally slowly accumulate profits little by little.

Those are some tips to win playing the Sweet Bonanza slot gambling site that you can apply along with a brief explanation of the game. From this explanation, it can be concluded that it is not surprising that this game is very famous.

Given that there are indeed lots of bonuses and easy-to-understand gameplay. Not to mention other features such as graphics to cute and fun themes typical of pragmatic play.

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