How To Play Black And White On Live22

Malaysia online betting there are many Asian themed online slots, and if you are familiar with the industry, you may not need us to tell you. However, GamingSoft’s Black and White slots stand out in this subtype title for many different things. First, the graphics are very powerful, and second, there are four different jackpots in this game. It also has some other important functions, so a balanced combination of the overall pay scale, it gives players an interesting and fun experience.

Black & White Slot Format And Layout
In this game, you will have five volumes and three lines, like most video slots today. You will find that there are only 10 paylines, although if less than what you find in most games, they will pay in both directions. This means you have 20 ways to win each round. In addition, the minimum bet is 10 points, which means you can play with very little stake while maintaining the chance to get some major rewards in stages, which you don’t always see.

Wild Panda Symbols And Spin Re-Features

The big, smiling panda is a wild symbol in this game, and he is a big part of where the name Black and White comes from. He replaces everything but the fireworks bonus symbol and the basket bond. He appeared in three middle rolls only, and he didn’t get paid himself. With that being said, he is responsible for a very valuable feature.

Each time you get wild on the reel, he will expand to cover the entire reel vertically in both directions. You will see the symbol itself become a silly panda trying to balance and adjust a dozen or so loaves of bread on its head. When you get this wild that grows, all of your regular payouts will be awarded, and then the wild will be locked to give you a free re-spin of all the other reels. If you get a wild on a re-spin, then all available wilds will be locked for another place. You can get up to three replay rounds up to three wilds extended with this feature.

Jackpot Bonus Features

On the three middle reels, you will also find fireworks. It is the key to a progressive jackpot as all three at once will take you to the jackpot bonus feature. A second screen will appear for this feature, and it will give you a choice between different fireworks to shoot. The one you choose will determine which of the four progressive jackpots you get.

Bun Selecting Feature

Also on the three middle scrolls is a bread basket symbol. Lift all three on the screen at the same time to activate the bun selection feature. You will be placed in front of four different rows of bread, and you can choose from each to try to get the biggest you can afford. If you choose the golden frame, you will get every payout from that line. However, if you choose a rotten bun, then the bonus feature will be over.

Payments And Other Gifts

The yin-yang symbol is the one that gives you the best non-progressive prize in the game, and five types are worth 800x. You can also get 100x for five lantern symbols or 60x for five mandolins. The 60x payout can also be yours for five decorative caps on the same payline. The bottom of the starting pay table is worth 40x the prize for five fans or fireworks. You can also take 20x the fee for five sets of three loaves or a bowl with chopsticks.

In Summary

With GamingSoft’s Black and White online slots, you get a bit of a cross -Asian theme with fireworks, silly pandas and more. It’s a game with incredible visual appeal, and it’s the kind of thing you’ll probably enjoy even if you’re not a fan of games in this sub-genre. It’s a lot to stand out from other games with a similar theme, and the style of play, especially with progressive jackpots, is a little different than most. With fun characters and some bun -related motifs that run through various aspects of the game, this slot is a little more cohesive than you might expect. Black and White is available in Live22 Slot Games Malaysia .

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