How to Find a Dangerous Poker Player

Let’s examine what we think players are dangerous for us. Players we respect, fear, admire and want to emulate, all at the same time. Most of us have heard the old adage, “If you don’t know who the fish is in the game after the first fifteen minutes, then it’s you.” Let’s take it a step further, and look at it a little differently. “If you don’t know who the most dangerous player in your game is in the first fifteen minutes, then you don’t belong in the game.” This of course does not apply if you are the most dangerous player in the game. Let’s assume that you are not the most dangerous player in the game, and want to know who it is. football betting Situs Casino Bet88 What traits would you look for to find out? It’s just as important to know which players you should be afraid of in the game,


What do you consider a trait to look for in order to assess whether a player could be a dangerous competitor to you (Hold’em, Stud, Omaha, etc.) strategy, which will cause you to play very carefully against it.

Opinion 1

I will consider dangerous players that I rarely get to help. A player who appears to be playing a tight and aggressive game that is generally spot on, but is still deceptive enough to surprise you over and over again when they show a hand.

Opinion 2

There are two types of dangerous players. The first is dangerous because they are very stupid. The second is dangerous because they are very good. Some of the specific behaviors I look for to recognize dangerous players are,

(1) When they fail to fall, they watch the players, not the cards.

2) They are able to raise and release their hands in the same betting round.

(3) They never voluntarily show a hand.

(4) They cause cliffs in rivers. The latter is the most subtle of the four and is perhaps one of the best indicators of a dangerous player.

Opinion 3

Some traits I look for in someone I consider dangerous:

1) They are aggressive

2) They consistently make good decisions

3) They don’t play a lot of hands, but when they do, they win a very high percentage.

4) They don’t let anything affect their game

Let me get off track for a bit. This is not one of the signs of a dangerous player. Years ago one of the things that used to intimidate me, and make me think someone was a dangerous player, was when I was sitting in a game in an unknown card room. I would later notice that one or more players personally know, and are friends with each other, and the dealer. I always suspect them to be good players because they know everyone, and must be good because they play regularly. I think they know how each other plays, so they just have to concentrate on learning how I play. I, in turn, had to watch how they all played to pick up any information. This is a much more difficult task. It didn’t take me long to see that I didn’t have to be afraid of players who were unfamiliar to me, but made friends with other people in the game, and even knew the dealer’s grandmother’s maiden name. I find that many of them still play poker worse than I could have imagined.

When I sit down in a game, I never judge anyone by their appearance. I judge them by how well they play, after watching them in action. Some people thought that just looking at the part, would put fear into the hearts of the other players. Me, I watch people who are quiet, those who just sit back and do all the action, I call this type “chameleon”. It’s the chameleon that blends cleverly into the game’s background, which you have to worry about. They are not buskers, they don’t brag, teach lessons, or berate other players.

They just sit there and wait quietly to ambush you. I’m also interested in players who can raise pre-flop and then discard after the flop, if bet or raise. These players are not afraid to let go of what might have started as a great hand, but go South on the flop or the turn. When I pick a dangerous player at my table, I will be very selective what hands I play against him, especially if he is in a rush. I’ll dance around it with a non-premium hand. When he bets, and I hold hands so I can play against a weaker opponent, I usually throw him out. What the bottom line is this, you want all player behavior to be dangerous. If you have the same quality,