Discovery Of An Incredible Stock Trading Method That Evolved From A Roulette Winning Strategy

Still don’t know why you are still losing money in the stock market even after attending many expensive seminars or workshops claiming 100% profitable stock investing strategies? Let me tell you the reason. Seminars and investment schemes make money by charging you attendance, by selling reports or books at exorbitant prices without providing you with independent advice. They often make misleading or deceptive claims or pressure you into buying investments that will end up losing your money. My friend, this is a terrible fact that we cannot deny.

However, I did find something that I believe is worth sharing with everyone here. I recently purchased the Roulette Betting Strategy eBook which inspired me on a new way of short-term stock trading in the US market. I applied it to AIG, Citigroup and Las Vegas Sand (LVS) stocks which have higher daily fluctuation prices. The Book claims that, traditional roulette games can be beaten with just 3 simple steps to Togel Online Singapore Baccarat Online Uang Asli :

1. Turn the casino edge over to the player
2. Postpone betting.
3. Multiply betting platforms (which means playing multiple roulette tables at the same time).

Personally, I find this non-traditional progression betting method excellent and likely to work in real casinos. However, I am not the type of person who likes to gamble as it is a bit against my principles. Having to say that, I found this so called roulette winning strategy has something that can improve my stock trading strategy. I have modified these 3 simple steps to suit my stock trading platform. Please take a look at my following example which I believe is worth sharing with all of you:

Day 1
Say, we buy a highly volatile ABC Share of up to $1,000 in capital.
3 Possible Scenarios can occur after the purchase:
Scenario 1: Price goes up + 10%
Scenario 2: Price doesn’t change 0%
Scenario 3: Price drops -10%
Let’s say we did our worst, the price fell -10% and we lost $100.

Day 2
We increased Day 2’s investment capital to $3,000 in other stock DEFs.
If the stock price of DEF goes up +10%, we earn $300 which is an average of $100 per day for 2 days after compensating for Day 1’s $100 loss.
What if the stock price drops another -10%? We lost $300 on Day 2 and the total accumulated loss was up to $400 over 2 days.

Day 3
We increased Day 3’s investment capital again to $7,000 in GHI another highly volatile stock. If the stock price of GHI goes up +10% we earn $700 which is an average of $100 per day for 3 days after the minors total Day 1 & Day 2 losses of $400. If losses happen again you can do the same for Day 4 and the rest.

The question comes, what if we continue to experience losses on Days 4, 5 and …. and the investment capital needed is getting bigger! My friend, if this is the case, I would suggest that investors do more research and study on stock charting and technical analysis before a purchase is made. That’s because stock investing is not gambling, you don’t depend on luck in choosing stocks. You have finished your homework and you will definitely get a reward.

The good thing about this book is that the author has done all the research and experimentation and came up with a decent betting database which is also useful for stock trading. You can visit the original website to watch the free demo video to get a better idea of ​​the strategy. If you can think of a better way to improve my stock trading strategy, please share.

Sheila Huang Ly
(Executive ASEAN Trust Fund)
Book Review: The Roulette Slayer.