4 Stories Of Successful Gamblers Who Beat The Casino

Casinos are often known to have many tricks that do not allow any gambler to feel a big win, but these 4 gamblers managed to beat these tricks and win against scams at malaysian online casinos . They accepted the challenge and returned home with huge profits until some of them were not allowed into the casino.

Here are 4 Names Who Have Successfully Gained Profits at Online Casinos
1. Louis Colavecchio
If all the other gamblers on this list managed to beat the casino by entering their games, Louis Colavecchio took a different approach. He did this by duplicating casino slot coins and estimated he would make a profit of up to 6 billion.

What makes it different from the others is that Colavecchio managed to duplicate the coin slot with the same degree of similarity, and said the coin slot was the same as the original in many respects. That’s why the FBI, Secret Service and other authorities visited Colavecchio’s residence.

To find out which coin slot was from Colavecchio https://finediningwestlakevillageca.com/, it took several weeks, and that happened after Colavecchio told the secret of how the operation was going in consent to Colavecchio’s request for his action to the casino.

2. Dominic LoRiggio
“The Man with the Golden Hand” is the nickname for Dominic LoRiggio. Through years of practice, LoRiggio managed to create a technique to control the outcome of the dice he threw.

Dominic LoRiggio, along with renowned gambler and writer Frank Scoblete, says they have beaten various casinos and won thousands of dollars at the casinos they visit. While this is not illegal, casinos are now also monitoring the likelihood of someone being able to handle their dice and will force players to cast using different methods.

To this day, many people say this is highly unlikely and just a lie, but LoRiggio says he can do it with just simple math. Can you do it?

3. Dennis Nikrasch
In casinos, there are 2 types of gamblers, the first is those who win against the dealer and the other is those who win against technology. Dennis Nikrasch is the second type and he proved it by winning 16 Million US Dollars or about 193 Million dollars from slot machine games. Unfortunately, he won by cheating and must be responsible for that.

At first he bought his own slot machine and made a special chip that could manipulate the machine. He and his sister then went to the casino where Nikrasch’s gang would block the surveillance cameras while he would open the associated machine and insert a special chip he had made. It’s no surprise if the next round immediately makes him get a big jackpot. Nikrasch’s scam was certainly realized by the Casino, he was later arrested and repeatedly put in jail until he finally died in 2010.

4. Hua Shi
Gambling has always been closely linked to luck, although it still happens in live online casinos . This was evidenced by Hua Shi from Brooklyn, US, when he and his friends went to the Golden Nugget casino in Atlantic City and sat down to play a card game called mini-baccarat-a simple game where we bet to determine the winning house or player- they found that the deck of cards was not shaken.

The company that produced the card deck was supposed to shake the card before it was sent to the casino but there was an error and the card deck that was sent was not whipped. 14 players including Hua Shi from Brooklyn, saw this golden opportunity and won 1.5 million US Dollars or about RM18 billion before finally the casino realized this and stopped the game.

The funny thing is, Golden Nugget sued the players even though this was their fault and asked for money back. Players including Hua Shi are reclaiming Golden Nugget for their rude treatment and it is not known how the second lawsuit will end, but what is known is that 558,900 US Dollars or about RM6 billion has been successfully disbursed and the rest is still withheld.

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